“If you want to know who you are and where you come from, follow the maíz.” That was the advice given to author Roberto Cintli Rodriguez when he was investigating the origins and migrations of Mexican peoples in the Four Corners region of the United States.” Follow it he did, and his book Our Sacred […]

“Like the Christian god, Ometeotl is found, as members of its cult insist, everywhere; everywhere that is, except in primary sources” – Richard Haly Ometeotl is perhaps the most widely embraced concept within the Mexicayotl community and throughout the years, its original meaning has morphed into such ideas as monotheistic god, energy, and duality. What […]

Indigenous women and two-spirited* people are leading a resurgence movement in iyiniwi-ministik, the People’s Island.* They draw on their traditional roles as protectors of the land and water to inform their work in our communities, and root themselves in their specific socio-political orders to counter colonialism and to revitalize language and culture. Rather than being […]

For some of the many migrant children from Central America streaming across the U.S. border in recent months, Sheba Velasco is a comforting voice at the other end of a phone line. That’s because she’s the only one in the U.S. who can speak to them in their own language. Velasco is from Guatemala and […]

What is Yankwik Mexikayotl, and why has it come about? What makes it different to traditional Mexikayotl, and why should anyone care enough to look into it? Many of you might be asking yourselves these, or similar, questions, and the purpose of this two-part definitional essay is to briefly explain Yankwik Mexikayotl and explore some […]

SAN ANTONIO — The foundation of a small chapel that dates back to Texas’ colonial period was found during an archaeological dig just outside of San Antonio in Floresville. The excavation, led by David Nickels of Tierras Antiguas Archaeological Investigations, uncovered parts of what was part of the Flores Rancho located along the San Antonio […]

…the United States’ meddling foreign policy and a history of the U.S.’s own harsh immigration measures are responsible for much of the pressure causing this flow of people from Central America. These eight facts, ignored by the mainstream press and the president, document that culpability and point out the need for change: 1. There is […]

For hundreds of years, Native Americans in the southwestern United States had a prolonged baby boom — which would average out to each woman giving birth to more than six children, a new study finds. That baby streak, however, ended a little before the Spanish colonized the Americas.”Birthrates were as high, or even higher, than […]

Sometime in the 14th century, the first Mexica found their way into the valley of Teotihuacán. The Mexica often incorrectly called Aztecs in modern times were new to the region. An aggressive, ambitious people from the north, they were fast becoming the dominant force in highland Mexico, conquering territory and setting up the powerful city […]

In our quest to regain indigenous identities, we often over-romanticize, overreact, overreach, overcompensate, and over-everything. In doing so, many have accepted many things that are told to them by teachers, elders, etc., without giving things a second thought. As a result, we have come to accept as fact a great number of things that are […]


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