“The Mexican countryside is not the same twenty years after the North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA. Rural Mexico is on fire, and not just because of the “bad guys”–the drug cartels and groups of hit men and thugs.Criminal violence is not the only kind of violence, nor is it the factor that unleashed the […]

The truth is, academia is not a way station where rationality overcomes prejudice, but a site for the enactment of oppression essentially no different from any location. Under the rubric of what we assume is an honorable profession dedicated to making the world a better place, all the irrational competition and hatred that is race, […]

Google translation: Father and son die in Temazcal bath Zacatlán Father and son died Saturday afternoon in the town of Jilotzingo, belonging to the district of Zacatlán. The deceased were inside a Temazcal bath, in which they went to sleep. The incident took place in the afternoon at a well-known address where the bodies of […]

Echoes of ’68: Youth Massacres, Repression and Resistance Jolt MexicoBy fnsnews | Published October 1, 2014“Never Forget October 2!” The slogan captures the spirit of the annual commemorations of the military-police massacre of hundreds of protesting students during the Olympic Games in Mexico City back on October 2, 1968. In 2014 new killings of Mexican […]

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Originally posted on Mexika Resistance:
Mexika.org is proud to present a series of articles which serve to articulate the goals and positions of Yankwik Mexikayotl. Please subscribe to our site for more. ­THE PROBLEM WITH INDIGENEITY By Tlakatekatl In a recent essay, I introduced a working definition for the emerging paradigm of Yankwik Mexikayotl (link),…

In 2013, plans to expand the University of Texas at Austin’s Center for Mexican American Studies into a full-fledged department were slowed — temporarily, it turns out — when Gov. Rick Perry vetoed $1.5 million in state funding that lawmakers had approved for the new offering. In a statement issued at the time, Perry said […]

“If you want to know who you are and where you come from, follow the maíz.” That was the advice given to author Roberto Cintli Rodriguez when he was investigating the origins and migrations of Mexican peoples in the Four Corners region of the United States.” Follow it he did, and his book Our Sacred […]

“Like the Christian god, Ometeotl is found, as members of its cult insist, everywhere; everywhere that is, except in primary sources” – Richard Haly Ometeotl is perhaps the most widely embraced concept within the Mexicayotl community and throughout the years, its original meaning has morphed into such ideas as monotheistic god, energy, and duality. What […]

Indigenous women and two-spirited* people are leading a resurgence movement in iyiniwi-ministik, the People’s Island.* They draw on their traditional roles as protectors of the land and water to inform their work in our communities, and root themselves in their specific socio-political orders to counter colonialism and to revitalize language and culture. Rather than being […]

For some of the many migrant children from Central America streaming across the U.S. border in recent months, Sheba Velasco is a comforting voice at the other end of a phone line. That’s because she’s the only one in the U.S. who can speak to them in their own language. Velasco is from Guatemala and […]


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