Black and Brown Sounds in Tejas: Cultural Afromestizaje Mini Symposium and Concert University of Texas at San Antonio Downtown Campus Buena Vista Theater (BV 1.326)  June 26, 2015 6:00-9:00PM Featuring: Archie Bell with former members of The Sunliners Band FREE AND OPEN TO THE COMMUNITY: The Mexican American Studies Program and the Office of Student […]

It appears that the funny-hat and dress-wearing idiot misspoke: what he meant to say was that abortion is like the mass killing of hundreds of thousands of innocents during the Dark Ages, when irrational and unintelligent buffoons like him –under the auspices and justification of religion, i.e. the Inquisition– murdered people that his criminal organization […]

My latest piece posted at America! The land and name have provoked a centuries-long debate and conversation over who gets credit for discovering it and who gets the honor of having it name after them. Whatever your thought on the matter, convention has it that the American continents are named after Amerigo Vespucci. This […]

And, in today’s ‘woo’ news: Belinda Ramirez of the fine state of Texas claims that because of her past life as a emaciated Aztec woman, she is addicted to food in the here and now. Ramirez—who, according to her Facebook page, graduated with a degree in mathematics from Texas State University and works at the […]


Happy “Sink-o,” America!! Or, as I like to call it, “Drinko de Mayo!” The only day of the year that most non-Mexis think being Mexican is cool, because… tequila.. and that Dos XX dude (who’s really a white guy playing a Mexi). But, I ain’t hating; get yer drink on – if that’s your prerogative. […]

At least the MALS staff had the good sense to not give Bush a ‘Chicana/o’ award… So, I tried posting a piece last night about this issue, and the content got lost in cyberspace.  The only thing that got posted was the title.   I don’t feel like redoing the whole thing, but I will say […]

At first glance, Steven Newcomb’s alarmist headline, “Dehumanization and a Deadly Medical Experiment on the Yanomami People,” grabs you and functions as the “click bait” it’s meant to be.  Other than that, there’s nothing substantial in Newcomb’s review of the book, Darkness in El Dorado: How Scientists and Journalists Devastated the Amazon (2000) — by […]

blog note: anyone read this book that cares to share their thoughts?  another book in my ‘to-read’ list.   The Return of Comrade Ricardo Flores Magón By Claudio Lomnitz Overview “In this long-awaited book, Claudio Lomnitz tells a groundbreaking story about the experiences and ideology of American and Mexican revolutionary collaborators of the Mexican anarchist […]

blog note: I love wonderful stories like these; let’s make them happen, let’s find them and tell’em!!   “A future professor is rescued from a life of violent crime by books and people who saw his promise. “Cuate Mexica describes himself as a predator who liked to intimidate people; sometimes it was for money, sometimes […]


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