What 2012 Means

What 2012 Means

Luis J Rodriguez, in trying to explain the significance of the 2012 quackery, does not subscribe to the “end-of-the-world” nonsense, but he does accept the New Age interpretation of a coming new age. His narrative prose is great to read, however, it is misguided in that he promotes the nonsensical agenda of New Age prophecy. Indigenous spiritual leaders did not begin to preach this new age prophecy until it was introduced by New Age infiltrators into neo-indigenous circles in the 60s. The Hopi and the Mexika have traditions that speak about a coming new world, but like any end-of-the-world prophecy, no specific date was given. It was New Agers who inserted 2012 into neo-indigenous traditions, and used actual indigenous traditions to support their claims. The Maya themselves never spoke of this, at least what has been uncovered by scholars so far, so this claim that the Maya predicted it is unfounded.


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