It’s the End of the World as We Know It?

It’s the End of the World as We Know It?

I took several classes on Anawak archaeology/anthropology as an udergrad, one specifically on the Maya, and one of my professors addressed this nonsense. He told the class the very same thing the author of this article (see link above) rightfully asserts: there is only one mention of 2012 (Stela 6 from Tortuguero) in all of the Maya sites that have been discovered, excavated, and studied; and there are several other sites with dates that extend beyond 2012. He also said that there is no evidence suggesting that the Maya gave 2012 any significant imporatance, including the inhabitants of Tortuguero.

In addition, the Maya were not one unified group that shared the same beliefs across the board. There were numerous city-states that were often at odds with each other, so to say that the “Maya” did this, or the “Maya” said that, is to generalize and use a broad stroke to paint the varying groups into one static whole. It’s like saying, all “Americans” believe in the Apocalypse and Christ’s second coming.

Not only that, but the Popul Vuh (mentioned in article), which is used by the 2012 hacks and hucksters as proof of the coming new age, was specific to only one group of Maya, and not emblematic of the hundreds of others city-state polities and their beliefs throughout time. In fact, I think it was written post-invasion, so it could have some Spanish influence.


What is now reffered to the “Maya civilization” spanned over a thousand years (approx from 200 BCE to 1000 CE). It would be erroneous to say that their beliefs were uniform for that long period among all of the factions and polities, and that they all conformed to the arbitrary date set by one group of Maya mathematician-priests.

Anyhow, it’s a shame that indigenous people have fallen for the lie and subscribe to the New Age nonsense. More on that to come.


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