Hollywood director steps into row over Alabama’s tough immigration law

Hollywood director steps into row over Alabama’s tough immigration law

The Hollywood film director Chris Weitz has joined the campaign to repeal Alabama’s harsh new laws targeting undocumented Hispanics, creating a series of four short videos that seek to expose the cruelty and racial prejudice that he suggests are inherent in the act.

Weitz, whose movie credits include such commercial hits as Golden Compass, About a Boy and one of the Twilight series New Moon, devised the videos as the equivalent of political attack ads against HB56 – Alabama’s anti illegal-immigration law, which passed last June and requires the police to check on the legal status of anyone they suspect of lacking papers.

The legislation is the toughest of its kind in America, and has led to many Hispanic families fleeing the state for fear of being rounded up, separated from their children and deported.

Weitz says that he was happy to lend his directorial skills to the campaign against HB56, working with the Center for American Progress, because like any American he is the product of immigration. “My grandmother is Mexican, my father was a refugee from Nazi Germany – so I have a connection with this story.”

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