Zotero Citlalcoatl

How has for over 500 years the Calpolli system of social
organization and governance survived? Why is it important for Mexica
communities to organize themselves into Calpoltin? These are the
central research questions that underpin my work. In the process of
answering these questions I have developed a liberating (decolonizing)
research framework rooted in the Tlamanalcayotl. Through this
framework an analysis of Nican Tlacah resistance movements for
liberation and autonomy is undertaken in order to understand that we’ve
been fighting for our traditional social systems of organization and
governance. These Nican Tlacah ways of being are rooted in principles of
self-sufficiency and sustainability that engender human societies that
take care of their ecology. The Calpolli families having formed a union
(establishing relationships of responsibility with one another) create a
living community that is continually developing a way of being that is
functional, practical, self-sufficient, and sustainable.

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