Estamos en la Lucha: Immigrant Women Light the Fire of Resistance

The debate over immigration policy continues to make headlines as the U.S. Supreme Court stands poised to decide the fate of Arizona’s controversial immigration law SB 1070.

Recently published, Estamos en la Lucha: Immigrant Women Light the Fire of Resistance offers your students a unique view of the crucial, but often ignored, leadership role that immigrant women play in the U.S. workforce and society.

The author, Christina López, a Chicana activist and feminist theoretician, combined careful research with personal passion to examine the fighting spirit that immigrant women bring to social movements despite formidable barriers. A lifelong activist, López called upon her years of organizing experience as the president of Seattle Radical Women, a socialist feminist grassroots group, to sharpen her analysis.

The 40-page, highly readable pamphlet is perfect for classroom use. It offers a poignant look at the specific conditions faced by both documented and undocumented immigrant women. It explores the role of xenophobia, economic reliance on immigrants, the military-industrial-prison-border complex, and how female militancy impacts the labor movement.

Estamos en la Lucha: Immigrant Women Light the Fires of Resistance also addresses roadblocks to an effective defense of immigrant rights, including what López calls a “go slow, aim low…recipe for limited gains.” And she offers concrete examples of women actively creating dynamic strategies of resistance and solidarity between Latina/o immigrants, newcomers from other regions of the world, and U.S. residents of all races.

I believe that Estamos en la Lucha: Immigrant Women Light the Fires of Resistance will enhance the learning experience for your students in their exploration of ethnic and women studies, contemporary affairs, and U.S. politics.

You can obtain a free examination copy by calling 206-722-6057 weekdays or emailing To order multiple copies, please have your ordering department or school bookstore contact Radical Women Publications, 5018 Rainier Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98118, USA; phone 206-722-6057; or fax 206-723-7691. The pamphlet is $5.00. We offer a 40% discount on all quantities. Books may be returned up to 90 days after delivery if they are in saleable condition.

Radical Women


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