Report: Female farmworkers at risk for sex abuse

via Report: Female farmworkers at risk for sex abuse.

“Four years ago, “Patricia M.” was working in an almond orchard in California. She was 23 years old, had come from Mexico only two years earlier and had no family in the United States. She says the foreman “bothered” her at first, offering her food and drink and telling her he could get her work. This made Patricia uncomfortable, so she always refused. On the end of the third day, the foreman dropped all the other workers off, but he took her to a remote field and raped her.”

Even if you’re against undocumented immigrants being in this country, any sensible human being should be appalled by this abuse. Immigration, despite the militarization of the  southern border, will not stop. Humans have been migrating from one place to another since the dawn of humanity. The much mythologized and deified Pilgrims and the countless waves of Europeans that immigrated to the Americas are a perfect example of that.


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