Academic article about the Danza Azteca/Conchera

Link: Academic article about the Danza Azteca/Conchera

I found this article today, while doing research for something else, and there are two things I’d like to mention:

1. I don’t totally agree with everything the author states (I take issue with her simplistic view of the ‘mestizo’ identity), but overall, I think it’s a great piece that Mexikameh and danzantes should read and hopefully reconsider many of their assumptions.

2. Some of the ideas and questions the author presents, myself and others have been pondering and discussing for several years now, like the ‘new agey-ness’ of some rituals and ‘traditions’ found within danza and Mexikayotl.

The argument/theses:
“In this article, I will use these differing understandings about identity and conquest to complicate the ways that we think about Aztec dancers’ participation in American Indian ceremony, their efforts to take these rituals back to Mexico, and the notions of appropriation and expropriation in general. Further, I will explore the question of whether Aztec dance’s eclectic mix of spiritual interests should be considered a kind of “new age” practice.”

**One of my blog posts has received some attention lately because I question the sacredness of danza (link). Although, I see the point presented by those that disagree with my position, I’m not ready to concede until I have given it more thought. In any case, read the article here, which I feel is enlightening and useful.


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