Conference investigates Mesoamerica as location for Book of Mormon

The idea behind this nonsense is beyond ridiculous. When will Europeans and their descendants stop projecting their religious beliefs onto pre-invasion American civilizations? This relates to the continued undermining of Mesoamerican peoples’ credit for developing advanced cultures without outside influence. Mormons that are trying to locate the origins of their superstitions in Anahuac are as absurd as the  ancient alien wackos who claim that the rise of the Olmec, Maya, etc., was due to the teachings of space visitors. I swear…

SALT LAKE CITY – Scholars from around the world gathered in Salt Lake City to share their research and knowledge of the Book of Mormon.

Saturday marked the tenth annual conference of the Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum. Every year, academics and people interested in the topic of Mormonism get together to talk about new discoveries in their research.

Participants investigate Mesoamerica – Mexico and Central America – as the historical location for the events in the Book of Mormon.

“There’s new information presented at every forum and it’s amazing. We hear from researchers who are down measuring the digs in Guatemala, Mexico, Belize and the places they have learned where these research locations are,” said Richard Gordon, President of the Book of Mormon Archaeological Forum.

Organizers say the conference funds research and includes scholars from all disciplines, which means some of them are not necessarily LDS.


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