Aztecs Down Under

Given lord mayor Robert Doyle is allergic to ”pissant” protesters who occupy Melbourne and they are drawn to his special blood, the services of a traditional Mexican energy clearer could be the answer. Aztec dancer Fernando Itzcoatl performs the Temazcal ”sweat lodge” ceremony to cleanse the body and is a highlight of the Las Laneways Fiesta at Gallery ONE THREE in Somerset Place.

Bestowed with the ceremonial name ”Obsidian serpent” and dressed for duty with a feathered headpiece called La Penacho, this Mexican will wave incense and branches from a peppercorn tree over people to disperse negative energy. ”You feel clean and more relaxed when I remove the heavy energy we are carrying,” he said.

Taco and tequila connoisseur Ricardo Amare, known as Mr Mexico, is one of the amigos in the ”Si Senor Group” presenting the Pop-Up Art Taqueria with food, and he wants to show that his country is more than a taco temple but chilli-hot spot for art, design and DJs. Helping him spread the word is Amber Petty, a belle who straddles multicultural borders as a friend of Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.

via Mexican wave clears the air.


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