Mission Cartoonists Share Work at Latino #Comics Expo | Mission Loc@l | #mesoamerica #Zotz

Another artist who his showing work at this weekend’s Expo is Mission native Daniel Parada.

From his family home on 24th Street, Parada is currently working on the second issue of his series “Zotz,” a story set in a fictionalized 16th century Mesoamerica in which the Spaniards never fully prevail.

Parada, 22, spent two years at the New York School of Visual Arts, but dropped out for what he describes as economic reasons, then returned to the Mission to create “Zotz.” The story incorporates action, adventure, the supernatural and Parada’s own historical research of the pre-Columbian world, a world, in Parada’s opinion, nowadays full of cliches like the human sacrifices or the focus on the contact with the Spaniards. “I tried to get away from that and show other parts of the culture, the philosophy, the poetry…” he said. He is illustrating the familiar side too, but trying “to give it a context and not be biased.”

via Mission Cartoonists Share Work at Latino Comics Expo | Mission Loc@l.


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