L.A.’s Dancing #Aztecs march to the left | #indigenous #decolonize #NikanTlakah #immigration

LOS ANGELES — The Aztecs march in the canyons of the great city.

Their tall feather headdresses jut skyward. They beat drums, stomp and chant. They dance in twirls and high steps, moving forward. One of them presses to his lips a large pink conch, representing the wind god Ehecatl.

Before them at this May Day demonstration between the high-rises of downtown Los Angeles come other tribes of the counterculture: anarchists, socialists, communists, anti-imperialists, Marxists.

They don’t dance. With them it’s all bullhorns, mohawks, Imperial Stormtrooper outfits, Che Guevara shirts, Guy Fawkes masks and banners that flap in the wind — such as “Smash Imperialist Wars” and “One World Government New World Order.” One man breaks off from the group to peddle a $1 copy of “Revolution.”

The people ignore him.

No one ignores the Aztecs…

via L.A.’s Dancing Aztecs march to the left | Nation & World | The Seattle Times.


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