Book of #Mormon Map-app seeks to establish connection w/ #mesoamerica #indigenous past | #culturevultures #decolonize

Blog note: Just a reminder that anyone–whether they be a person, group, or institution–that tries to undermine the legitimacy of American indigenous cultures by tying them to ludicrous religious ideas/texts, conspiracy theories, ancient aliens, or any other unprovable theories or pseudo-scientific claims merits no respect and deserves the utmost public ridicule…I’m looking at you LDS and your patently ridiculous claims that ancient, pre-contact Americans were a lost tribe of Israel. It’s the 21st century; please try to catch up with the current state of scholarship and science. Your claims have no merit, and they are utterly disrespectful to the memory of our indigenous ancestors.  – Tlak

“I don’t know where the Book of Mormon took place and neither does anyone else,” McClure said. Among the numerous theories that abound, he said that he’s probably most partial to theory that places events from the Book of Mormon in Mesoamerica, a region that extends south from central Mexico to Nicaragua and Honduras.

Daniel Johnson, a Latter-day Saint author and blogger ( who’s made several trips to Mesoamerican sites, said that most serious LDS scholars agree that Mesoamerica is the region that most likely corresponds to Book of Mormon places and events. Johnson, author of the travel guide “An LDS Guide to Mesoamerica,” said that he first visited southern Mexico in 1999 and hasn’t ever stopped going back.

Johnson said that one of the first Mesoamerican sites to make a major impression on him is the abandoned ancient Mayan city of Calakmul, a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Yucatan near Guatemala. “It’s a huge area and it was populated in Book of Mormon times,” he said. “It has a huge defensive stone wall, the tallest I’ve seen.”

via Book of Mormon Maps app seeks funding on Kickstarter.


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