Offerings to #DonGoyo: Residents of Xalitzintla Ask for Calm, Rain | #elPopo #cuicaxochitl #NikanTlakah

Blog note: Whether one believes in the supernatural, or not, the stories these people tell are beautiful and imaginative, always basing them on natural observation. The poetic tradition of Anawak lives on! –Tlak

The villagers of Xalitzintla, Puebla carry on thousand year old ceremony for Popocatepetl

A pot of mole with turkey, bread, fruit, a charro suit, music, pulque and two bottles of tequila are some of the offerings brought to “calm” Don Goyo, or Popocatepetl, by the residents of Santiago Xalitzintla, Puebla, a community that lies at the base of the volcano.

About 80 people left at five in the morning to make the four-hour trek to participate in a ceremony in a cave approximately a mile from the mouth of the volcano on Wednesday, May 2, according to Santiago Xalitzintla’s mayor, Gregorio Fuentes.

“All he (Popocatepetl) needs is a little company, that’s why we decided to go. We usually celebrate his birthday every March 12 – the feast day of St. Gregory (Goyo) – and we took the opportunity to ask for a good rain season for the harvest. But this time, we also asked him to calm down, do not scare our people, even though most are already accustomed to his noises,” Antonio Analco, the community’s tiempero, told CNN Mexico.

Tiemperos, or people who speak with Popocatepetl, “have been chosen by the volcano and the water spirits to control the rain and hail, to bring rain when needed and keep away the storms that damage crops and people,” said Analco. He is the only tiempero in Santiago Xalitzintla.

English translation via Think Mexican • Offerings to Don Goyo: Residents of Xalitzintla Ask for Calm and Rain.

Original Spanish link: CNN Mexico


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