Remembering Santos | #Dallas #JFK #policebrutality

Remembering Santos | #Dallas #JFK #policebrutality #Xicanism

The Remembering Santos Coalition invites you to join us in commemorating the 40th anniversary of the killing of young, 12 year old Santos Rodriguez by Dallas Police officer Darrel L. Cain, on July 24th, 1973.

This tragedy galvanized the Mexican American-Chicano community of Dallas and marked a major turning point in the political environment of that city’s civil rights activism.

Just as then, agents-of-power –such as police– continue to target and kill unarmed youth-of-color today. The City of Dallas would like to forget this tragedy and sweep incidents like this under the rug, but we are here to remind it that, WE HAVE NOT FORGOTTEN!”

The city still has NOT apologized to Santos’s mother, Bessie, and the current mayor, Mike Rawlings — upon request by the Coalition — declined to honor the memory of her son by refusing to proclaim today as “Santos Rodriguez Day.”

The city’s so-called leaders, including Mayor Rawlings, should be ashamed that, after four decades, Bessie has not received an apology for the murder of her son Santos. If anything, this refusal further underscores the institutionalized indifference that the City of Dallas has toward things Chicano/Mexicano.

Perhaps ten years from now, a day which will mark the 50th anniversary of this tragic, but landmark event (just like the city gears up to commemorate JFK’s assassination 50 years later), then, maybe then, will Dallas choose to remember.

But, we have not forgotten, and today we honor the memory of a boy whose life was stopped short — simply for being young, poor, and brown.





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