Q&A w/author of new book on litigation and higher education | #affirmativeaction

‘Suing Alma Mater’

July 30, 2013


Scott Jaschik

“Higher education leaders were anxious throughout the spring about the U.S. Supreme Court’s pending ruling on affirmative action. While the ruling was less decisive than some expected (and many feared), it once again illustrated how significant the courts can be for American higher education.

As the Supreme Court was ruling, a new book was being released about the intersection of academe and the judiciary. Suing Alma Mater: Higher Education and the Courts (Johns Hopkins University Press) is by Michael A. Olivas, the William B. Bates Distinguished Chair of Law at the University of Houston Law Center and director of the Institute for Higher Education Law and Governance. Olivas is a prominent advocate in the legal world for minority students — he helped Texas legislators draft the “10 percent” law that added significant diversity to the state’s public colleges and has been outspoken in defense of affirmative action. He’s also a leading expert on immigration law, pushing for the rights of students without legal documentation to live in the United States.

He responded via e-mail to questions about his new book:”

full article — via Q&A with author of new book on litigation and higher education | Inside Higher Ed.


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