Kuauhtemok of Ixkateopan? | #Mexikah #NikanTlakah #indigenous #culture

Fraud, Nationalism and Memory in Modern Mexico* 

By Paul Gillingham

Abstract. — The article linked below analyses the forgery and discovery of the purported tomb of Cuauhtemoc, the last Mexica emperor. An eclectic collection of contemporary sources outlines a subtle interplay between elites, cultural managers and peasants, who alternately collaborated and competed in manipulating the would-be invention. Groups traditionally undervalued in studies of nationalism, namely villagers and petty bureaucrats, went far beyond the mimesis of elites to significantly reshape parts of the national narrative. Their entrepreneurial success in manipulating nationalist symbols demonstrates that the instrumentalist use of the past is a cross-class activity.

Article: Emperor of Ixcateopan
Book: Cuauhtémoc’s Bones: Forging National Identity in Modern Mexico


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