Racial Identity and Racial Treatment of Mexican Americans | Vilma Ortiz | #MAS #decolonize


How racial barriers play in the experiences of Mexican Americans has been hotly debated. Some considerMexican Americans similar to European Americans of acentury ago that arrived in the United States with modestbackgrounds but were eventually able to participate fully insociety. In contrast, others argue that Mexican Americanshave been racialized throughout U.S. history, and thislimits their participation in society. The evidence of per-sistent educational disadvantages across generations andfrequent reports of discrimination and stereotyping sup-ports the racialization argument. In this paper, we explorethe ways in which race plays a role in the lives of MexicanAmericans by examining how education, racial character-istics, social interactions, relate to racial outcomes. We usethe Mexican American Study Project, a unique data setbased on a 1965 survey of Mexican Americans in LosAngeles and San Antonio combined with surveys of thesame respondents and their adult children in 2000, therebycreating a longitudinal and intergenerational data set. First,we found that darker Mexican Americans, thereforeappearing more stereotypically Mexican, report moreexperiences of discrimination. Second, darker men reportmuch more discrimination than lighter men and thanwomen overall. Third, more educated Mexican Americansexperience more stereotyping and discrimination than theirless educated counterparts, which is partly due to theirgreater contact with whites. Lastly, having greater contactwith whites leads to experiencing more stereotyping anddiscrimination. Our results are indicative of the ways inwhich Mexican Americans are racialized in the UnitedStates.

via Racial Identity and Racial Treatment of Mexican Americans | Vilma Ortiz – Academia.edu.


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