Colonial remnants uncovered south of San Antonio | #indigenous #history #NikanTitlakah

SAN ANTONIO — The foundation of a small chapel that dates back to Texas’ colonial period was found during an archaeological dig just outside of San Antonio in Floresville.

The excavation, led by David Nickels of Tierras Antiguas Archaeological Investigations, uncovered parts of what was part of the Flores Rancho located along the San Antonio River.

The ranch, Tierras Antiguas, was established in the 1700s by Francisco Flores, a cattle rancher who descended from the Canary Islands, according to a news release. The ranch was located near land controlled by the Chayopines, a Native American tribe who helped to establish Mission San Juan. Nickels said that he and his group of volunteers searched the chapel foundation that they believed served as protection from raids by the Chayopines.

“One account says that the raiders could not burn nor gain access to the adobe structure that was fortified with three corner forts,” the release said. “So they tried to access the house through the roof. The roof was said to be strongly fortified with oak logs and dirt piled several feet thick, and even though several Indians tried to dig through the roof, they were shot and killed.”

via Colonial remnants uncovered south of San Antonio – San Antonio Express-News.


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