A New Mexikayotl: It’s Time To Purge The Nonsense! | Mexika Resistance

What is Yankwik Mexikayotl, and why has it come about? What makes it different to traditional Mexikayotl, and why should anyone care enough to look into it? Many of you might be asking yourselves these, or similar, questions, and the purpose of this two-part definitional essay is to briefly explain Yankwik Mexikayotl and explore some of its methods. By the end of this essay, its purpose, intentions, and methodologies should be clear and reasonably explained. More importantly, however, this piece should not be taken to be the definitive voice, source, or explanation of Yankwik Mexikayotl, for it is still in the process of emerging, and I expect that it will flourish and continue to evolve as time progresses. In effect, the following essay is a primer from which a more focused and concise definition will develop, one that will perhaps become a useful framework of analysis, not only for Yankwik Mexikayotl, but for other similar approaches to traditional indigenous cultures and modern instances of reclaimed indigeneity.

Let us begin by unpacking a few terms. First, what is meant by the term “traditional culture?”

via A New Mexikayotl: It’s Time To Purge The Nonsense! | Mexika Resistance.


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