How #NAFTA Unleashed the Violence in #Mexico | #decolonize #NikanTitlakah #yamecanse

“The Mexican countryside is not the same twenty years after the North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA. Rural Mexico is on fire, and not just because of the “bad guys”–the drug cartels and groups of hit men and thugs.Criminal violence is not the only kind of violence, nor is it the factor that unleashed the humanitarian crisis in so many parts of rural Mexico. The drastic transformation of public agricultural policies–brought about by structural adjustment programs and the trade opening whose crowning moment was the passage of NAFTA–generated the conditions for the emergence of multiple forms of violence in the Mexican countryside.Mexican presidents since 1983 pushed through a series of economic adjustment polices, including the expulsion of all seasonal farmers from the rural credit system. The price of fuel shot up: in 1983, a liter of gas cost 1.36 pesos; now it is more than 12 pesos. Prices began to drip for crops produced by small farmers since guarantee prices were eliminated. New subsidies were created, like Procampo, but these went mostly to large producers.In spite of many warnings from farmer organization and researchers, NAFTA was signed…”

via How NAFTA Unleashed the Violence in Mexico.


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