‘BOOM’ OF MEXICAN HEROIN | #drugwar #fail #yamecanse #yamecanse2 #yamecanse3

#drugwar #fail #yamecanse #yamecanse2 #yamecanse3

Amatlakwiloa: The Written Word

Alberto Najar
BBC World, Mexico City
Aug 19, 2013
[Google translation, with some editing for clarity, from the Spanish original.]
In recent days a, question travels through government security offices and newsrooms of various media Mexico: why has violence increased in the mountainous areas of states like Sinaloa, Michoacan and Guerrero?
Among the responses appeared a word: heroin. In these regions are found the majority of the poppy production areas, from whose bulb a paste is extracted to manufacture it [heroin] and other drugs, such as opium and morphine. Also, most of the processing laboratories are there, as well as the transport routes to the US market, both by road and air. Specialists warn that at least three cartels want to control this region, although so far the balance tips in favor of the Sinaloa organization, led by, among others, Joaquin Guzman…

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