How gang kid re-created himself as a scholar, with guidance | #Xicanism #education #reformthesystem

blog note: I love wonderful stories like these; let’s make them happen, let’s find them and tell’em!!


“A future professor is rescued from a life of violent crime by books and people who saw his promise.

“Cuate Mexica describes himself as a predator who liked to intimidate people; sometimes it was for money, sometimes it was just what he and his friends would do for amusement. He spent time, lots of it, in juvenile detention, and along the way he re-created himself.

“This month, Mexica will earn a Ph.D. in comparative literature from the University of Washington, which is not the usual outcome for people who start out as he did. He and I have talked about that a few times since I met him last year, and now he’s starting to share his story with other people, especially young people. Every person’s story is unique, but I want to tell you a little of his because parts of it are common to many other people who wind up in the juvenile-justice system. Maybe it will spark some thought about how we might, as communities, save ourselves the pain and cost of crime and lost potential.

“As a kid Mexica shuttled between Corpus Christi, Texas, and…

via How gang kid re-created himself as a scholar, with guidance | The Seattle Times.


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