UT Austin CMAS Dept. of MALS Latino Leadership Award Debacle | #CMAS #pendejos

At least the MALS staff had the good sense to not give Bush a ‘Chicana/o’ award…

So, I tried posting a piece last night about this issue, and the content got lost in cyberspace.  The only thing that got posted was the title.   I don’t feel like redoing the whole thing, but I will say that, even though I’m not an UT alum, the decision taken by the MALS staff is extremely disappointing.  Of course, in case you missed it, I’m referring to their decision to award George P. Bush (Jeb Bush’s ‘Latino’ son) their inaugural ‘Latino Leadership’ award.

The very first ‘Leadership’ award by the center went to that guy, really..  Why?  Because he’s a first to do a thing in Texas politics..  What, were the Castro bros from San Anto not available!?  Maybe they were too Chicano for the increasingly accommodationist and right leaning directors at UT.  I mean really, if anyone deserves an award of that sort, it was anyone else who’s done an actual thing for the community.  Just one look at Bush’s positions (see image below) on things that matter to the Chican@/Mexican@/Latin@ community bears out the ugly truth that this opportunist politico cares not one bit for that community and only plays his race card, as most politricksters do, when it suits him.  Bola de pendejos!

At least the MALS staff had the good sense to not give Bush a ‘Chicana/o’ award, not that we have to worry about that since they’ve obviously chosen to defecate all over the spirit of Chicana/o & Mexican-American Studies.  Que lastima.  Reminds me of what my jefita used to tell me when I did something really stupid; “Para pendejo no se estudia!”



Below is the response by Martha P. Cotera, a long-time Chicana activist who gathered with others to protest at the UT Austin Civil Rights Teach-In in Protest of George P. Bush Receiving Inaugural CMAS – Department of Mexican American and Latina/o Studies Latino Achievement Award on the Southside steps of the Main Building, Monday, 30 March 2015:

Querido NACCS: here is Nicole Guidotti Hernandez quoted by NBCLatino, March 31, 2015 concerning the George P. Bush award and the Austin community.

“Guidotti-Hernandez said the conversation has been in process with the president’s office since October 2014, although that process was not accessible to the public. In addition she said the center has events all the time ‘and we never see any of these people at our forum.'”


So [sic, ‘Lo’] siento camaradas, pero la comunidad que estuvo protestando y que dijimos a profesores, estudiantes, y personal que nos dejaran, fuimos CMAS founders Cynthia Perez, Modesta Trevino, Linda del Toro, Maria Elena Martinez, Irma Soto, Senator Gonzalo Barrientos y su servidora, Martha Cotera que por mas de 40 años hemos apoyado a CMAS y ahora al nuevo Departament for Mexican American and Latino Studies!  Two years ago, as community supporters we  confronted the Dean of Liberal Arts and demanded that the Department be established in two years and not ten as Domino and Nicole had agreed (by the way some of the UT meetings on this issue, to which we were NOT invited, but attended, were at 8 a.m, deep into the campus). The Department was established, and our reward?  We were dropped from the Center’s and Department’s mailing lists, and we were never invited to the Department’s opening.  When UT friends happen to pass along info on lectures and events, we attend. On the other hand, we never see the two directors, Domino nor Nicole in ANY Chicano community events, rallies, marches, including UT’s Cesar Chavez dinner at UT yesterday.   Es todo lo que quiero decir, sigue la LUCHA








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