ICYMI | Is “America” an Indigenous word? | #Mexika #indigenous #NikanTitlakah

My latest piece posted at mexikaresistance.com:

America! The land and name have provoked a centuries-long debate and conversation over who gets credit for discovering it and who gets the honor of having it name after them. Whatever your thought on the matter, convention has it that the American continents are named after Amerigo Vespucci. This is an entrenched idea that no one really seriously questions except for a select few, such as nationalists—from both the Hispanosphere and certain anti-German Europeans, and the more radical individuals from within indigene-centric circles.[6] The key question is, why; why challenge the name given to the Western Hemisphere? For our purposes, I’m interested in getting to the source of this skepticism which has influenced modern Mexika/indigenist discourse…

via Is “America” an Indigenous word? | Mexika Resistance.


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