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AUGUST 13, 1521: AN AGE OF RUIN BEGINS | #Mexika #NikanTitlakah #Xicanism #decolonize

AUGUST 13, 1521: AN AGE OF RUIN BEGINS Today, August 13, marks the date that the Great Tenochtitlan succumbed to the convergence of forces against it in the year 1521. I say “succumbed” and “convergence of forces” because, contrary to the Hispano-centric narrative of this event, it was way more complicated than the usual regurgitated […]

ICYMI | Is “America” an Indigenous word? | #Mexika #indigenous #Xicanism #NikanTitlakah

My latest piece posted at America! The land and name have provoked a centuries-long debate and conversation over who gets credit for discovering it and who gets the honor of having it name after them. Whatever your thought on the matter, convention has it that the American continents are named after Amerigo Vespucci. This […]


Originally posted on [ ]: is proud to present a series of articles which serve to articulate the goals and positions of Yankwik Mexikayotl. Please subscribe to our site for more. ­THE PROBLEM WITH INDIGENEITY By Tlakatekatl In a recent essay, I introduced a working definition for the emerging paradigm of Yankwik Mexikayotl (link),…

A New Mexikayotl: It’s Time To Purge The Nonsense! | Mexika Resistance

What is Yankwik Mexikayotl, and why has it come about? What makes it different to traditional Mexikayotl, and why should anyone care enough to look into it? Many of you might be asking yourselves these, or similar, questions, and the purpose of this two-part definitional essay is to briefly explain Yankwik Mexikayotl and explore some […]

Diego Gutiérrez map 1562 & the word “Chicana” | #Xicanism #Chican@ #MAS #IlanStavans

Diego Gutiérrez map 1562 and the word “Chicana” (Updated March 19, 2014) A few years ago (2012), I posted my finding of  the 16th-century map “Desegno del Discoperto Della Nova Franza,” Venice, 1566, by Bolognino Zaltieri, that contains the term “Chicana” (link), but as it turns out, there are other 16th century maps that also […]

Mesoamerican final exam (2010) | #Mexikah #Mexica #NikanTlakah #Aztlan

This is my final exam response(s) for a Mesoamerican anthropology class I took as an undergraduate in 2010. It addresses Mexika migration, the “myth” of Aztlan, cannibalism, and other topics. It’s in the form of short responses to exam essay questions. Although, it’s not an in-depth analysis on any of the subjects, it might be […]

#Nawatl colors ~ #Nahuatl #tlapalli #indigenous #decolonize

#Nawatl colors ~ #Nahuatl #tlapalli #indigenous #decolonize Nahuatl Color list with English and Spanish translations; includes hex color code. Compiled by Tlakatekatl, 2014. LINK:

“Speech Given by Bolivian President Evo Morales in Europe;” Revisited | #hoax #meme #marshalltesuma #deudaexterna

“Speech Given by Bolivian President Evo Morales in Europe;” Revisited By Tlakatekatl Friday, February 14, 2014 Last year, on August 12, 2013, I received an email among the mass of emails that I get from a certain list-serve that I’m subscribed to entitled, “Evo Morales Speech before the European Community’s Heads of State 6.30.13.” At […]

Peter Dreier’s 64 Years Later, New York Times, and the new Roman “Barbarians”

The New York Times has a reputation of being a top news organization, but I’ve never bought into that line. Peter Dreier’s recent Huffington Post blog-post, “64 Years Later, Dead Undocumented Immigrants Are Still Nameless in the New York Times,” demonstrates how they aren’t as progressive as they’ve been made out to be. In addition, […]

Danza goes Zumba

DANZA GOES ZUMBA By: Tlakatekatl (Full disclosure; I have been a danzante[1] and immersed in Mexikayotl for almost fifteen years) So, apparently there is a hullabaloo over a fitness group out in California, Ollin Ixtli, which is using “traditional” Aztec dance steps (Danza Azteca)[2] as a way to distinguish itself from all the other dance-your-way-to-fitness […]