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‘BOOM’ OF MEXICAN HEROIN | #drugwar #fail #yamecanse #yamecanse2 #yamecanse3

THE STORY BEHIND THE ‘BOOM’ OF MEXICAN HEROIN Alberto Najar BBC World, Mexico City Aug 19, 2013 [Google translation, with some editing for clarity, from the Spanish original.] In recent days a, question travels through government security offices and newsrooms of various media Mexico: why has violence increased in the mountainous areas of states like […]

How #NAFTA Unleashed the Violence in #Mexico | #decolonize #NikanTitlakah #yamecanse

“The Mexican countryside is not the same twenty years after the North American Free Trade Agreement NAFTA. Rural Mexico is on fire, and not just because of the “bad guys”–the drug cartels and groups of hit men and thugs.Criminal violence is not the only kind of violence, nor is it the factor that unleashed the […]

Tomgram: Todd Miller, The Creation of a Border Security State | TomDispatch #indigenous #decolonize #border

Tracking a Marked Population It was mid-day in the Arizona heat during the summer of 2012 and Border Patrol agent Benny Longoria (a pseudonym) and his partner are patrolling the reservation of the Tohono O’odham Nation. It’s the second largest Native American reservation in the country and, uniquely, shares 76 miles of border with Mexico. […]

Native American Youth to Diane Sawyer: We’re Not Poverty Porn – COLORLINES

Native American Youth to Diane Sawyer: We’re Not Poverty Porn – COLORLINES.   On Monday, young Native American students from Rosebud, South Dakota released a short video that challenged the claims made by “Children of the plains.” “I know what you probably think of us…we saw the special too. Maybe you saw a picture, or […]

Peter Dreier’s 64 Years Later, New York Times, and the new Roman “Barbarians”

The New York Times has a reputation of being a top news organization, but I’ve never bought into that line. Peter Dreier’s recent Huffington Post blog-post, “64 Years Later, Dead Undocumented Immigrants Are Still Nameless in the New York Times,” demonstrates how they aren’t as progressive as they’ve been made out to be. In addition, […]

Expanding Age Gap Between Whites and Minorities May Increase U.S. Racial Divide | America’s Wire

A generation gap in several states between older whites and younger Latinos and African-Americans has race relations experts concerned that age differences in the population are influencing spending and public policy in areas such as education, transportation, immigration and infrastructure. As the United States rapidly advances toward having a majority-minority population, whites continue to grow […]

Birtherism and the ecology of fear | mexmigration: History and Politics of Mexican Immigration

Birtherism and the ecology of fear | mexmigration: History and Politics of Mexican Immigration. Excellent analysis of the birthers and xenophobes. I actually thought about the connection between these two seemingly separate mobs, so I’m glad that others, like the author of this post, have picked up on it. Another thing that I found interesting […]

Report: Female farmworkers at risk for sex abuse

via Report: Female farmworkers at risk for sex abuse. “Four years ago, “Patricia M.” was working in an almond orchard in California. She was 23 years old, had come from Mexico only two years earlier and had no family in the United States. She says the foreman “bothered” her at first, offering her food and […]

Immigrants For Sale.

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The prison industrial complex, not satisfied with the profit it’s made from the incarceration of black and brown citizens through this country’s criminalization of drugs that target low-income and “minorities,” are now profiting from the incarceration of hard-working immigrants solely on the criminalization of citizenship status. And from the looks of it, it won’t be […]

Birthing Justice: Women Creating Economic and Social Alternatives.

Birthing Justice: Women Creating Economic and Social Alternatives.

Nayeli Guzman is a young Mexica woman who went to New Mexico to be part of the effort to restore traditional agriculture. Throughout the US, Native, Chicano, and other peoples are rejecting industrialized agriculture and are growing their own food instead, thereby reclaiming the health of their traditions, culture, bodies, and land. They are contributing to one of the largest movements in the US today: creating a sustainable food supply chain. Here, Nayeli talks of one such program at the Tesuque Indian Pueblo, where she and other farmers are using long-abandoned farmland to grow long-abandoned crops, building up seed libraries, and teaching others ecological methods for growing food.