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AUGUST 13, 1521: AN AGE OF RUIN BEGINS | #Mexika #NikanTitlakah #Xicanism #decolonize

AUGUST 13, 1521: AN AGE OF RUIN BEGINS Today, August 13, marks the date that the Great Tenochtitlan succumbed to the convergence of forces against it in the year 1521. I say “succumbed” and “convergence of forces” because, contrary to the Hispano-centric narrative of this event, it was way more complicated than the usual regurgitated […]

“Motekuhzoma’s Headdress” reproduced in Mexico | #Azteca #Mexika #culture #history

MOCTEZUMA’S HEADDRESS, REPLICA FAITHFUL TO THE ORIGINAL Organización Editorial Mexicana July 13, 2015 [Editor’s note: Too bad that the supposed “Penacho de Motekuhzoma” was never an actual headdress ever worn by anyone, much less by the Tlahtoani himself. In fact, the original was a gift from Motekuhzoma to Cortez; was stolen by pirates; was gifted […]

ICYMI | Is “America” an Indigenous word? | #Mexika #indigenous #Xicanism #NikanTitlakah

My latest piece posted at America! The land and name have provoked a centuries-long debate and conversation over who gets credit for discovering it and who gets the honor of having it name after them. Whatever your thought on the matter, convention has it that the American continents are named after Amerigo Vespucci. This […]

#Ometeotl the God that Didn’t Exist | #MexikaResistance #indigenous #decolonize #NikanTitlakah

“Like the Christian god, Ometeotl is found, as members of its cult insist, everywhere; everywhere that is, except in primary sources” – Richard Haly Ometeotl is perhaps the most widely embraced concept within the Mexicayotl community and throughout the years, its original meaning has morphed into such ideas as monotheistic god, energy, and duality. What […]

Decoding Mexico’s City of Gods – Scientific American | #NikanTitlakah #indigenous #mexika

Sometime in the 14th century, the first Mexica found their way into the valley of Teotihuacán. The Mexica often incorrectly called Aztecs in modern times were new to the region. An aggressive, ambitious people from the north, they were fast becoming the dominant force in highland Mexico, conquering territory and setting up the powerful city […]

Kuauhtemok of Ixkateopan? | #Mexikah #NikanTlakah #indigenous #culture

THE EMPEROR OF IXCATEOPAN: Fraud, Nationalism and Memory in Modern Mexico*  By Paul Gillingham Abstract. — The article linked below analyses the forgery and discovery of the purported tomb of Cuauhtemoc, the last Mexica emperor. An eclectic collection of contemporary sources outlines a subtle interplay between elites, cultural managers and peasants, who alternately collaborated and […]

Mesoamerican final exam (2010) | #Mexikah #Mexica #NikanTlakah #Aztlan

This is my final exam response(s) for a Mesoamerican anthropology class I took as an undergraduate in 2010. It addresses Mexika migration, the “myth” of Aztlan, cannibalism, and other topics. It’s in the form of short responses to exam essay questions. Although, it’s not an in-depth analysis on any of the subjects, it might be […]

Icniuhyotl – Tecayohuatzin, Rey de Huexotzinco, c. 1490 | #poema #poem #Nahuatl #Nawatl #NikanTlakah

Icniuhyotl Auh tocnihuane, tla xoconcaquican yn itlatol temictli: xoxopantla technemitia, in teocuitlaxilotl, techonythuitia tlauhquecholetlotl, techoncozcatia.  ¡In ticmati ye ontlaneltoca toyiollo, tocnihuan! Tecayohuatzin, Rey de Huexotzinco, c. 1490 Amistad (del náhuatl) Ahora, amig@s, escuchen el sueño de una palabra: Son una luz las puntas rubias y tiernas del maíz; en la primavera despertamos a la borla […]

#Nawatl colors ~ #Nahuatl #tlapalli #indigenous #decolonize

#Nawatl colors ~ #Nahuatl #tlapalli #indigenous #decolonize Nahuatl Color list with English and Spanish translations; includes hex color code. Compiled by Tlakatekatl, 2014. LINK:

L.A.’s Dancing #Aztecs march to the left | #indigenous #decolonize #NikanTlakah #immigration

LOS ANGELES — The Aztecs march in the canyons of the great city. Their tall feather headdresses jut skyward. They beat drums, stomp and chant. They dance in twirls and high steps, moving forward. One of them presses to his lips a large pink conch, representing the wind god Ehecatl. Before them at this May […]