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“Motekuhzoma’s Headdress” reproduced in Mexico | #Azteca #Mexika #culture #history

MOCTEZUMA’S HEADDRESS, REPLICA FAITHFUL TO THE ORIGINAL Organización Editorial Mexicana July 13, 2015 [Editor’s note: Too bad that the supposed “Penacho de Motekuhzoma” was never an actual headdress ever worn by anyone, much less by the Tlahtoani himself. In fact, the original was a gift from Motekuhzoma to Cortez; was stolen by pirates; was gifted […]

Western world shows same disregard for human life as the Aztecs, says bishop | because #woo #pseudointellectual #indigenous #decolonize

It appears that the funny-hat and dress-wearing idiot misspoke: what he meant to say was that abortion is like the mass killing of hundreds of thousands of innocents during the Dark Ages, when irrational and unintelligent buffoons like him –under the auspices and justification of religion, i.e. the Inquisition– murdered people that his criminal organization […]

Woman Claims Past Life Regression Cured Her Food Addiction | #pseudoscience #nonsense | (mis) #appropriation

And, in today’s ‘woo’ news: Belinda Ramirez of the fine state of Texas claims that because of her past life as a emaciated Aztec woman, she is addicted to food in the here and now. Ramirez—who, according to her Facebook page, graduated with a degree in mathematics from Texas State University and works at the […]

‘BOOM’ OF MEXICAN HEROIN | #drugwar #fail #yamecanse #yamecanse2 #yamecanse3

THE STORY BEHIND THE ‘BOOM’ OF MEXICAN HEROIN Alberto Najar BBC World, Mexico City Aug 19, 2013 [Google translation, with some editing for clarity, from the Spanish original.] In recent days a, question travels through government security offices and newsrooms of various media Mexico: why has violence increased in the mountainous areas of states like […]

Fallecen padre e hijo en baño de temazcal de Zacatlán

Google translation: Father and son die in Temazcal bath Zacatlán Father and son died Saturday afternoon in the town of Jilotzingo, belonging to the district of Zacatlán. The deceased were inside a Temazcal bath, in which they went to sleep. The incident took place in the afternoon at a well-known address where the bodies of […]

Echoes of ’68: Youth Massacres, Repression & Resistance… | #Tlatelolco #2deoctubre

Echoes of ’68: Youth Massacres, Repression and Resistance Jolt MexicoBy fnsnews | Published October 1, 2014“Never Forget October 2!” The slogan captures the spirit of the annual commemorations of the military-police massacre of hundreds of protesting students during the Olympic Games in Mexico City back on October 2, 1968. In 2014 new killings of Mexican […]

Oldest #RockArt in #NorthAmerica Revealed | #indigenous #NikanTlakah #decolonize

Oldest Rock Art in North America Revealed By Megan Gannon, News Editor | August 14, 2013 08:04am ET On the west side of Nevada’s dried-up Winnemucca Lake, there are several limestone boulders with deep, ancient carvings; some resemble trees and leaves, whereas others are more abstract designs that look like ovals or diamonds in a […]

Offerings to #DonGoyo: Residents of Xalitzintla Ask for Calm, Rain | #elPopo #cuicaxochitl #NikanTlakah

Blog note: Whether one believes in the supernatural, or not, the stories these people tell are beautiful and imaginative, always basing them on natural observation. The poetic tradition of Anawak lives on! –Tlak The villagers of Xalitzintla, Puebla carry on thousand year old ceremony for Popocatepetl A pot of mole with turkey, bread, fruit, a […]

Over 400 Animal Species Used as Offerings in Ancient #Tenochtitlan | #indigenous #Mexica #NikanTlakah

MEXICO CITY – Mexican archaeologists have identified more than 400 animal species in some 60 offerings made to the gods at the Great Temple of Tenochtitlan, now Mexico City, including molluscs, fish, birds, reptiles and mammals, the National Institute of Anthropology and History, or INAH, said. The scientists have recovered, “for example, fish from coral […]

Book of #Mormon Map-app seeks to establish connection w/ #mesoamerica #indigenous past | #culturevultures #decolonize

Blog note: Just a reminder that anyone–whether they be a person, group, or institution–that tries to undermine the legitimacy of American indigenous cultures by tying them to ludicrous religious ideas/texts, conspiracy theories, ancient aliens, or any other unprovable theories or pseudo-scientific claims merits no respect and deserves the utmost public ridicule…I’m looking at you LDS […]