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George T. Díaz on Law Enforcement Legacies of 1910s Violence | #Xicanism #history #immigration #borderpatrol

“Seeing Sediciosos Where There Aren’t Any: U.S. State Violence against Smugglers Before and After the Plan de San Diego” In Américo Parades’s classic novel George Washington Gómez, we meet Feliciano García, a former sedicioso who survives the violence of the era and settles down to a quiet life caring for the family of his murdered […]

Miguel Levario Addresses Impact of Plan de San Diego on Race Relations | #Xicanism #Tejano #history #decolonize

The Plan de San Diego of 1915 is arguably the most controversial document in Texas history since the call to arms for the Texas rebellion of 1836. The Plan was a visionary manifesto that sought retribution for the atrocities committed by the dominant society and the Texas Rangers since the outbreak of the Texan rebellion. […]

UT Austin CMAS Dept. of MALS Latino Leadership Award Debacle | #Xicanism #CMAS #pendejos

At least the MALS staff had the good sense to not give Bush a ‘Chicana/o’ award… So, I tried posting a piece last night about this issue, and the content got lost in cyberspace.  The only thing that got posted was the title.   I don’t feel like redoing the whole thing, but I will say […]

Forgetting the #Alamo | #Texas #myth #urbanlegend

Thanks to movies and advertisements, The Alamo has become a permanent part of the American story. But how accurate is that story, and is it a story worth remembering? In this episode, I’ll examine some of the many assumptions about the place and event known as “The Alamo” and try to add a bit of […]

Colonial remnants uncovered south of San Antonio | #indigenous #history #NikanTitlakah

SAN ANTONIO — The foundation of a small chapel that dates back to Texas’ colonial period was found during an archaeological dig just outside of San Antonio in Floresville. The excavation, led by David Nickels of Tierras Antiguas Archaeological Investigations, uncovered parts of what was part of the Flores Rancho located along the San Antonio […]

Save the Date: Chief Rufus Davis Talk 3/7/14

Save the Date: Chief Rufus Davis Talk 3/7/14 Latino Cultural Center 2600 Live Oak Dallas, Texas 75204 (214) 671-0045 Friday, March 7, 2014 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm Refreshments Hispanic Legacy:  Embracing Our Native American Heritage Chief Rufus Davis has served as the Tribal Chief of the Adai Caddo Nation in Robeline, Louisiana for over […]

Remembering Santos | #Dallas #JFK #policebrutality #Xicanism

The Remembering Santos Coalition invites you to join us in commemorating the 40th anniversary of the killing of young, 12 year old Santos Rodriguez by Dallas Police officer Darrel L. Cain, on July 24th, 1973. This tragedy galvanized the Mexican American-Chicano community of Dallas and marked a major turning point in the political environment of […]

Santos Rodriguez — by Ricardo Sanchez (1973) | We still remember.. 40 years later #Dallas #policebrutality #Xicanism

40 years ago today, a little light was extinguished; that incident marked a pivotal point in Dallas civil rights history — Dallas’s Chicano movement…we have not forgotten, and today we remember. -tlakatekatl   HECHIZOSPELLS Santos Rodriguez JULY 29, 1973 TEXAS a poem about a child’s death is a soul articulating out a heart beat: túm-túm-túm-túm… […]

Mexicans in the Photos » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

An even bigger threat than Arizona is Texas. In 2007 Texas State Board of Education waged war on anyone who did not see God as they do. The standard was the creationist paradigm. Texas became associated with the ridiculous notion that the earth is 6,000 years old. In 2012 members of the Texas Board set […]

2013 Maya Meetings held at UT: New temples, fire glyphs and legends | The Daily Texan

The five-day Maya Meetings returned to Austin after being held in Guatemala last year, attracting scholars and enthusiasts of Maya culture from around the world to present their latest research and discoveries regarding Mayan architecture, cosmology and culture. Some of the temples shown by researchers had not been seen by an audience in centuries. The […]