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“Problematize” & Academic Discourse

Every now and then, I’ll stop and ponder on the meanings of words I encounter in my academic studies, convincing myself that I understand their meaning. But then I get to thinking and  stop what I’m doing to check (and double check) until I find a satisfactory definition.  That is the case here with the […]

When a Virgin Sacrifice at Fair Park Almost Caused an International Incident — 1937

Aztec “Sacrifice” in Dallas (Pan-American Expo – 1937)

RIP Selena Quintanilla; never forgotten #SelenaForever

I’m done with indiancountrytodaymedianetwork and their shoddy articles

At first glance, Steven Newcomb’s alarmist headline, “Dehumanization and a Deadly Medical Experiment on the Yanomami People,” grabs you and functions as the “click bait” it’s meant to be.  Other than that, there’s nothing substantial in Newcomb’s review of the book, Darkness in El Dorado: How Scientists and Journalists Devastated the Amazon (2000) — by […]

‘BOOM’ OF MEXICAN HEROIN | #drugwar #fail #yamecanse #yamecanse2 #yamecanse3

Originally posted on Amatlakwiloa:
THE STORY BEHIND THE ‘BOOM’ OF MEXICAN HEROIN Alberto Najar BBC World, Mexico City Aug 19, 2013 [Google translation, with some editing for clarity, from the Spanish original.] In recent days a, question travels through government security offices and newsrooms of various media Mexico: why has violence increased in the mountainous…

testing | #twitter #censors #yamecanse #hashtags

This is only a test…

The word #Azteca was NOT created by Von Humboldt! | #xicanism #Nikantitlakah #decolonize

In our quest to regain indigenous identities, we often over-romanticize, overreact, overreach, overcompensate, and over-everything. In doing so, many have accepted many things that are told to them by teachers, elders, etc., without giving things a second thought. As a result, we have come to accept as fact a great number of things that are […]

Return of #Chicano Film Pioneer Efrain Gutierrez | The Texas Observer #Xicanism #orale #MAS

In 1978, 32-year-old Efrain Gutierrez found himself locked up in a Bexar County jail cell on trumped-up drug conspiracy charges. The Vietnam War had sent many of his friends home in coffins draped with U.S. flags. Another war—the war on drugs—was just getting started in his West San Antonio barrio. Gutierrez watched as friends and […]

Doing Research in Local Archives

Originally posted on Borderlands History:
I recently took a research trip to South Texas to further investigate the turn-of-the-century curandero (faith healer) Don Pedrito Jaramillo, one of the subjects of my dissertation. The main purpose of this trip was to look at the J.T. Canales Estate Papers at the South Texas Archives at Texas A&M-Kingsville.…

Zentetl: A Nawatl Language Card Game | #Nahuatl #mexikaresistance

Kurly Tlapoyawa, author of “We Will Rise” (2000), has just recently developed a  Nahuatl flash card game to help in the learning of colors and numbers. Follow link for more info. Zentetl: A Nawatl Language Card Game.