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Apaxu Maiz discusses book: Like a Hurricane: The Indian Movement from Alcatraz to Wounded Knee | #decolonize #indigenous

Date of Presentation: April 24, 2013 Overview: It’s the mid-1960′s, and everyone is fighting back. Black Americans are fighting for civil rights, the counterculture is trying to subvert the Vietnam War, and women are fighting for their liberations. Indians were fighting, too, thought it’s a fight few have documented, and even fewer remember. At the […]

Guarda Bosques – Forest Keepers – Español w/English Subtitles | #indigenous #decolonize #autonomy

Guarda Bosques – Forest Keepers – Español w/English Subtitles.

Anarchism, Socialism & Libertarianism: Alternatives for Peace

Scott Crow (Anarchist) debates a Libertarian and a Socialist. “I don’t want a kinder gentler capitalism; I don’t want a kinder gentler government…We don’t need either of them.” — Scott Crow

Immigrants For Sale.

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The prison industrial complex, not satisfied with the profit it’s made from the incarceration of black and brown citizens through this country’s criminalization of drugs that target low-income and “minorities,” are now profiting from the incarceration of hard-working immigrants solely on the criminalization of citizenship status. And from the looks of it, it won’t be […]