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George T. Díaz on Law Enforcement Legacies of 1910s Violence | #Xicanism #history #immigration #borderpatrol

“Seeing Sediciosos Where There Aren’t Any: U.S. State Violence against Smugglers Before and After the Plan de San Diego” In Américo Parades’s classic novel George Washington Gómez, we meet Feliciano García, a former sedicioso who survives the violence of the era and settles down to a quiet life caring for the family of his murdered […]

Miguel Levario Addresses Impact of Plan de San Diego on Race Relations | #Xicanism #Tejano #history #decolonize

The Plan de San Diego of 1915 is arguably the most controversial document in Texas history since the call to arms for the Texas rebellion of 1836. The Plan was a visionary manifesto that sought retribution for the atrocities committed by the dominant society and the Texas Rangers since the outbreak of the Texan rebellion. […]

No Justice in Sanford, No Peace in the Borderlands | #TrayvonMartin #borderpatrol #injustice #Xicanism

Trayvon Martin has been on my mind, and because he’s been on my mind, José Antonio Elena Rodríguez has too. Both were young, unarmed boys of color (17 and 16 years old, respectively) gunned down in 2012 – Trayvon by neighborhood watch volunteer-cum-vigilante George Zimmerman on February 26 in Sanford, Florida, and José Antonio by […]

Peter Dreier’s 64 Years Later, New York Times, and the new Roman “Barbarians”

The New York Times has a reputation of being a top news organization, but I’ve never bought into that line. Peter Dreier’s recent Huffington Post blog-post, “64 Years Later, Dead Undocumented Immigrants Are Still Nameless in the New York Times,” demonstrates how they aren’t as progressive as they’ve been made out to be. In addition, […]

Targeted Mexican American Studies Teachers in Tucson Set Up Defense Fund « SpeakEasy

Targeted Mexican American Studies Teachers in Tucson Set Up Defense Fund « SpeakEasy. First they came for their nationally acclaimed Mexican American Studies courses. Then they came for their books and confiscated them from the classrooms. Next they came for their jobs. As the latest episode in the witch hunt of the outlawed Mexican American […]

Sisyphus, Chicano Style » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names

Sisyphus, Chicano Style » Counterpunch: Tells the Facts, Names the Names. by RODOLFO ACUÑA When asked what I have learned from writing about Arizona and what is going to happen in the future, I feel like the legendary king of Corinth immortalized by Albert Camus’ essay “The Myth of Sisyphus.” You remember the guy who […]

Birtherism and the ecology of fear | mexmigration: History and Politics of Mexican Immigration

Birtherism and the ecology of fear | mexmigration: History and Politics of Mexican Immigration. Excellent analysis of the birthers and xenophobes. I actually thought about the connection between these two seemingly separate mobs, so I’m glad that others, like the author of this post, have picked up on it. Another thing that I found interesting […]

Immigrants For Sale.

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The prison industrial complex, not satisfied with the profit it’s made from the incarceration of black and brown citizens through this country’s criminalization of drugs that target low-income and “minorities,” are now profiting from the incarceration of hard-working immigrants solely on the criminalization of citizenship status. And from the looks of it, it won’t be […]

Demonizing Mexican-American Studies

Link: Demonizing Mexican-American Studies I pick up the phone at my office at the University of Arizona and learn that I have three recorded messages waiting for me. The first one begins with the caller claiming to be half White and half Native American, addressing me as an “(expletive) Mexican” and a “Raza (expletive).” This […]

TUSD suspension of MAS (update)

Below: report on the Tuesday, May 8, press conference by the Civil Rights Center and the community forum on TUSD suspension of MAS held by the two lawyers from the Department of Justice.   Targeting and Suspension of TUSD´s Mexican American Studies Program: The Department of Justice Accepts Two Civil Rights Discrimination Complaints and Steps […]