Happy “Sink-o,” America!! Or, as I like to call it, “Drinko de Mayo!” The only day of the year that most non-Mexis think being Mexican is cool, because… tequila.. and that Dos XX dude (who’s really a white guy playing a Mexi). But, I ain’t hating; get yer drink on – if that’s your prerogative. […]

At least the MALS staff had the good sense to not give Bush a ‘Chicana/o’ award… So, I tried posting a piece last night about this issue, and the content got lost in cyberspace.  The only thing that got posted was the title.   I don’t feel like redoing the whole thing, but I will say […]

At first glance, Steven Newcomb’s alarmist headline, “Dehumanization and a Deadly Medical Experiment on the Yanomami People,” grabs you and functions as the “click bait” it’s meant to be.  Other than that, there’s nothing substantial in Newcomb’s review of the book, Darkness in El Dorado: How Scientists and Journalists Devastated the Amazon (2000) — by […]

blog note: anyone read this book that cares to share their thoughts?  another book in my ‘to-read’ list.   The Return of Comrade Ricardo Flores Magón By Claudio Lomnitz Overview “In this long-awaited book, Claudio Lomnitz tells a groundbreaking story about the experiences and ideology of American and Mexican revolutionary collaborators of the Mexican anarchist […]

blog note: I love wonderful stories like these; let’s make them happen, let’s find them and tell’em!!   “A future professor is rescued from a life of violent crime by books and people who saw his promise. “Cuate Mexica describes himself as a predator who liked to intimidate people; sometimes it was for money, sometimes […]

Thanks to movies and advertisements, The Alamo has become a permanent part of the American story. But how accurate is that story, and is it a story worth remembering? In this episode, I’ll examine some of the many assumptions about the place and event known as “The Alamo” and try to add a bit of […]

“Black Mexica” Learn about the African presence in Mexico, from the arrival of the Spanish Conquistadors, in 1519, to the American slaves who migrated to Mexico in 1810, when slavery was abolished in that country. Presented by Dr. Gloria Arjona at 7 p.m. at the Central Library, Donald Wright Auditorium, 285 E. Walnut St. via […]

Archaeologists exploring the ties between ancient cultures in the Southwestern U.S. and central Mexico have turned their attention to some unusual artifacts excavated in Arizona: more than 50 mirrors encrusted with the brilliant mineral pyrite, crafted in distinctly Mesoamerican styles.The mirrors were originally unearthed in the 1930s and 1960s, during excavations of a major settlement […]

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THE STORY BEHIND THE ‘BOOM’ OF MEXICAN HEROIN Alberto Najar BBC World, Mexico City Aug 19, 2013 [Google translation, with some editing for clarity, from the Spanish original.] In recent days a, question travels through government security offices and newsrooms of various media Mexico: why has violence increased in the mountainous…